Teenage Periods 🌹

When I got my period for the first time I was mortified. I didn’t know how to tell my Mum and I just wanted the whole thing to go away.

Then it got a whole lot worse 😩 I got such bad cramps that I was only comfortable curled up on my side in the foetal position. I was flooding for the first few days every period and was probably anaemic from the loss of so much blood 😱

I was too embarrassed to talk about it to my Mum or anyone else so I just tried to struggle through it.

I wish I knew about herbs back then and had been able to see a herbalist. There are so many wonderful herbs that help to balance hormones, reduce the flow of blood, support with anxiety and PMT and help with the painful cramps. Herbs help to bring your body and cycle back into balance.

Herbs that can help 💚💪🌱

🌱white dead nettle – reduce flow of blood.
🌱Vitex – balance hormones to regulate period.
🌱Cramp bark, Vervain, Pasqueflower, Raspberry leaf for anti- spasmodic action to reduce pain.
🌱 Rose – Balance hormones, lift mood and support liver to reduce circulating hormones.

That’s just a teeny taste of the herbs that can help. There are so many, the number of blends are infinite.

Diet is also really important as what we put into our bodies really affects our cycle.

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White Dead Nettle – Reduces menstrual blood flow

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