Ribwort Plantain

Ribwort Plantain 🌱

Apparently I am obsessed with all of the herbs. I get so excited when talking about all of their amazing qualities 💚

Ribwort is amazing for cuts, grazes, burns and stings. Specifically bee stings (tried and tested in last post).

It’s also great for…

🌱Hay fever
🌱Chew up a leaf of Ribwort and put it on an aching tooth while you wait to go to the dentist.
🌱Put the leaves in your shoes to soothe sore aching feet.
🌱Make a poultice by mashing up the leaves, put onto a grazed knee or splinter and cover with clean cloth (handkerchief, bandage, muslin) to draw out the splinter or dirt.
🌱 squish and hold on skin after being stung by stinging nettles.

Apparently it’s lovely in a stir fry too as it has a lovely mushroomy taste. I have to admit I’ve not tried that yet, but I can’t wait to try it 😋

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