How much does it cost?

Herbal Medicine consultations cost £50 for one hour

During this hour, I will:

  • make a thorough investigation of the problem that is concerning you

  • review your different organ systems to get a picture of your overall health

  • review your prescription drugs and supplements

  • assess your diet and make recommendations as to how to improve it

  • devise a treatment strategy

  • write a personal prescription of herbs

  • dispense a mixture of herbs

Herbal Medicine costs £11 for 100ml of tincture

  • 100ml of medicine is enough medicine to last for one week, so the daily cost is less than £1.57

  • I usually dispense enough medicine for four weeks at a time

  • Four week’s medicine costs £44 and this cost is in addition to the consultation costs

Repeat medication can be ordered on my telephone day

  • I have a telephone day every Monday when people ring up to order more medicine and let me know how they are getting on.

  • A quick chat to update me about your progress is free

  • This means that all you pay for is your herbal medicine and the cost of postage.

  • If we need longer than 10-minutes to talk about how you are doing, then this should be booked in advance and will be charged for

Telephone and Zoom  consultations are the same price

  • An hour costs £50

  • Half an hour costs £30

  • Fifteen minutes costs  £15

Consultations about Salvestrols cost £60 per hour

  • And quite often these consultations last for 90 minutes as there is so much to cover

  • The cost of these consultations includes a comprehension pack of information plus a list of personal recommendations.

Other Complimentary Therapies

Reflexology – 45 mins to 1 hour – £45

Reiki – 45 mins to 1 hour – £45

Crystal Healing – 45 mins to 1 hour – £45

LUXOR Light – 45 mins to 1 hour – £45