Herbal Medicine – a natural way to improve your health

Welcome! If you’ve found your way to my website then you, like many of my clients, are looking for a natural alternative for your medical conditions. Conventional medicine can be limited for many common conditions such as IBS, anxiety, insomnia, PCOS, migraines, PMS, eczema and so many more.

Herbal medicine and conventional medicine both seek to reduce symptoms causing pain and suffering. Herbal medicine is a holistic therapy which means that the treatment plan I create for you, will aim to address the root cause of your health problems. Your herbal prescription may be a blend of tinctures, a tea blend, an herbal cream or even capsules; it all depends what you need as an individual.

You may be looking for herbal medicine to support general wellness and good health. Many of my patients use herbal medicine in this way, to support respiratory or cardiovascular health or boost the immune system. Herbs can be taken as tonics to support you as you age and keep you healthy. Herbal medicine can be taken short term to help you through a particularly stressful time or long term to support with a chronic condition.

If you aren’t sure if a medical herbalist can help you, I offer a free 15 minute ‘mini consultation’ where we can discuss how herbal medicine can help you and discuss any concerns or questions that you may have.

In addition to being a medical herbalist, I also offer holistic therapies which include reflexology, energy healing and crystal healing. These therapies are relaxing, gentle therapies, which are helpful to reduce stress and tension.

Please contact me to arrange an informal chat completely free of charge and with no obligation to have any treatment.

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  • 20+ years experience as a holistic therapist
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Introducing Medical Herbalist Chantal Perkins BA BSc MNIMH

BSc (Herbal Medicine) 2012

Diploma in Reflexology 2000 and Reiki Master 2006

I love being a herbalist and helping people to resolve even long-standing health problems gently and safely.

I have been a practising medical herbalist since 2012 after graduating from the University of Lincoln with a BSc Hons in Herbal Medicine.

The course covered all the medical sciences, such as physiology, anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, diagnosis and physical examination, as well as how to use herbs as medicines.

This understanding of orthodox medicine -both treatment and diagnosis – is especially important when I’m helping people who are taking medicines prescribed by their doctor.  I need to be sure that the herbs I am giving people are safe to take alongside their pharmaceutical drugs.

Each herbal blend is unique to the individual and aims to reduce symptoms while working to resolve the root cause by addressing any imbalances within the body, mind and soul. I also provide advice on diet, exercise and relaxation as part of the consultation as they are integral to health and wellness.

I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) which is the United Kingdom’s leading professional body representing herbal practitioners.

The organisation was first established in 1864 and has a long and illustrious history. 

By choosing an NIMH member as your herbal medicine practitioner, you can be confident of their high standards of training and professional conduct.

Find out more about NIMH here

I am also a fully trained Reflexologist, Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master.  These additional skills mean that I can offer a wide range of help, according to what you feel you need help with and how you wish to move forward. I am always guided by you and treatment strategies are planned together.

If you want to have a chat with me about how herbal medicine could help you, call me on: 07963 512 046

Annabel Todd BA BSc MNIMH

BSc (Herbal Medicine) 2007

Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling 2010

Annabel has now retired as a consulting herbalist and Chantal has taken over her practice and her patients.