Intuitive Healings

Chantal works intuitively to bring through the right healing frequencies for the patient. Each healing is unique to the patient and uses a blend of the following tools.

  • Reiki, Sekhem, LUXOR light and Jemudi Buki healing frequencies
  • Sound healing
  • Sacred geometry
  • Colour healing
  • Plant spirit healing

During the healing most people experience a feeling of deep relaxation and peace allowing them to drift off into a peaceful mental space where healing can take place.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing works on the basis that each crystals individual geometric structure gives it a unique electromagnetic frequency or vibration. The human body also has its own electromagnetic field which vibrates at different frequencies at different points within the body.

When disease is present within the body or mind it  negatively affects the rate of vibration of the bodies electromagnetic field. A crystal therapist uses uses the crystals to bring the human electromagnetic field or aura back to a balanced state.


Reiki is a system of natural healing which has been used by ancient Tibetan lamas for thousands of years. The practitioner acts an conduit for the universal life force, drawing it into themselves and into the patient using light touch.

Reiki works to remove blocks within the auric field or electromagnetic body of the patient to bring balance to the body and mind. Each treatment is focused to cleanse, clear and balance the chakras and the subtle bodies.


LUXOR Light is a high vibration healing frequency that works through the practitioner to raise the vibrational frequency of the patient to empower them and open up a channel to their higher selves. This allows them to align themselves with the blueprint of their soul mission for this incarnation on Earth.

LUXOR Light is a valuable ascension tool, unlocking codes within DNA to raise levels of consciousness and open up esoteric gifts.